jamie and dan in nz
“Oh no,” I hear you sigh. “Not another travel blog! Why bother?” I know how you feel.

There are seemingly thousands of travel bloggers out there, what makes us different? Nothing, everything.

Whenever I look at other bloggers, it seems to me that their lives are perfect. All they seem to do is move from sunny location to sunny location, looking beautiful in every picture.

A lot of these bloggers don’t really capture travel as we see it. Not our type of travel. Here’s something none of these bloggers will admit: travel sucks! Okay, not all the time, but it’s definitely a lot of hard work and half the time you’re pushed to the edge of madness.

Jamie and I aren’t very good at travel, we’ll probably be even worse at travel blogging. Why? Well, we’re just not one of those people. The type who loves to have their photo taken, the person who can confidently ad-lib long entertaining videos. We’re both introverts, both quite awkward. We don’t stand at the edge of the party looking uncomfortable, we just don’t turn up, we hate partying!

Whenever we go traveling, our whole time is taken up with arguments and anxiety. We’re scared of travel, but we do it anyway because it beats staying at home being scared to do everything else.

When I pitched this blog to my friend, I told him that it’s, “A travel site for people who don’t want to go traveling.” If you’re scared to take the plunge, if you stay in your bedroom and are a hermit all day. Well, this is the site for you.

Sometimes it’s hard to pull yourself out of bed in the mornings. I’ve been there, I know what it’s like. Sometimes it’s scary just going to the nearby shops. I’ve been there too. Sometimes I’m still there.

We’re anxious travelers. Thus the name.

jamie eating at flying pan seoul



Writing has always been my outlet, and I figured I should try to make a career out of the thing I enjoyed most. So I decided to earn my degree in journalism.

Throughout my college years, I had high hopes of moving to New York City, living in an apartment the size of a walk-in closet, and becoming a successful writer. But then I realized I’m far too shy to be a journalist. Now I write while hiding behind the screen of a computer.

dan eating korean bbq



I enjoy writing from time to time. I’ve been blogging for over 10 years now in some form. Hopefully all my old blogs are lost to time because they were so incredibly embarrassing.

A few years ago I managed to get a degree in Media Production (Film and Radio Production). I loved it, but haven’t really used it since.

I’m a pessimist, but I like to think that’s why my very very few friends love me. I’m an anxious, awkward person and I doubt that’ll ever change.