First World Problems and Travel

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One of the first things many of us notice when we first travel to developing countries is the fact that there is a disparity between our own lives of comfort and the lives of poverty lived by those in far away places. Coming to terms with that divide can be problematic, leading to guilt and sadness. But it can also be an epiphany allowing us to reflect on the lives we take for granted. [Read more…]

Fear of Financial Ruin: The Stress of Finding a Job While Traveling

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Travel ain’t cheap.

Hotels. Restaurants. Buses. Planes. Trains. Automobiles. If you’re going to travel long-term you need to make a strict budget and you need to plan ahead. Otherwise one day you’ll wake up, find your bank account empty and you’ll have to do the last thing you want to do: go home.

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How a Shy Introvert Left their Comfort Zone to Travel

Standing at Council Crest in Portland, Oregon.

Sometimes I can’t even believe it myself. In fact, whenever I told people my plan it probably came as a shock to them. I’m shy. I’m introverted. I’m a homebody. They were likely thinking, “This girl will never do it.” Most people think only an outgoing, extroverted person would be the type to leave their comfort zone, not someone like me. 

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