Anxiety can take on many forms, but for us it seemingly adds up to a misery inducing worry about pretty much everything. If there’s something out there that can make us anxious, chances are we’ve thought about it at some point.

Pretty much everybody suffers from anxiety at some stage in life and really, a little bit of worry is good for us, it keeps us out of danger. When that worry overcomes us though and starts to become irrational, then it becomes a problem.

Below is a collection of our posts about the different causes of anxiety we’ve felt.

Fear of Social Interaction

Sometimes the scariest thing in the world is other people. In this post we talk about where social anxiety may come from, as well as offering some tips to help with socialising when traveling.

lonely sad monkey in lopburi thailand

Avoiding Social Interaction

Of course, many of us just prefer not to socialise at all. In fact we hate social interaction so much we’ll do almost anything to get out of it. Even if it means climbing a mountain.

Driving an Old Car

An old car means that at any moment you could have a breakdown. This post is about the pains of driving an old car and the stress you feel when you think your car can’t make it up a hill!

Mazda Familia at a campsite in New Zealand.

Fear of Flying

The plane is taking off and you hear a loud noise. You grip the armrest of your seat and picture what that noise could mean. Surely the plane will crash?


Mispronouncing Words

You’re in a country with new words or a new language. This post is about the horrible embarrassment of pronouncing new words, even in English speaking countries.

Welcome to Manaia, New Zealand.

Heights – Going to the top of tall buildings

A common worry for many, which is easily avoided, is that of heights. Unfortunately when traveling you often pressurise yourself to go up tall buildings to see the amazing views from above. Is it worth the anxiety though?

jamie looking out of window at top of Baiyoke Tower in bangkok

Illness – Hypochondria When Traveling

Are you the type of person that can spend hours on WebMD convincing yourself you have a rare form of illness? If so, this post is for you. I discuss getting sick abroad and the complete torment it can create.

Toilet Anxiety

Another common worry is that of using (or not being able to use) the toilet. This can get amplified while abroad due to traveling on long buses. In this post I discuss my own toilet anxiety and how I try to deal with it.

Riding on a bus in Thailand.

Traveling Alone

Many people are put off from traveling alone as they’re scared of what may or may not happen. Here we discuss where the anxiety may come from when traveling alone as well as some tips to make traveling alone easier.

dan standing in pacific crest trail meadow

Financial Ruin – Running out of money

Since we’ve been traveling long-term for a few years, the fear of running out of money is always at the back of my mind. Here we talk about the stress of trying to find a job while in another country.

Crossing the Road in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country where the roads are almost constantly filled with traffic. Crossing the road is almost impossible. You’re taking back to being a kid again and have to learn how to cross the road.

Trying to cross the road in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Fear of Riding a Motorcycle in Vietnam

In a country filled with motorbikes sometimes it’s the only way to get around. But is it safe?

Riding on a motorbike in Vietnam.

Going through Immigration

Passing through immigration into a new country can be a nervewracking experience. You feel guilty, but you’ve done nothing wrong. Should you have declared the Snickers bar in your bag? Are you going to get sent to prison for smuggling chocolate?

Getting Mugged

This was always on my mind before I traveled for the first time. I was constantly worried that I’d get mugged – is it a rational fear to have?

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